Steve Heisig

Business Owner, Building and Construction Manager

Steve is a registered builder and personally manages the construction of every Heisig Home. Steve’s experience in the building industry includes both local and international exposure to numerous construction methods. Following in the successful footsteps of his father George, Steve started his career as a carpenter, and today controls the building dynasty of Heisig Constructions along with his sister Cheri and brother in law Marcus Arber. He also completes the quantity surveying and estimating for Heisig Constructions. Steve’s reputation and work ethics are renowned throughout the Australian building industry. His commitment to quality and strong leadership has brought about the multi award winning success of Heisig Constructions.

When not at the reins of Heisig Constructions, his recreational time includes all things marine, including surfing, fishing and swimming. A keen sports fisherman, Steve can be often overheard talking about the one that got away! He enjoys family time spent on the beaches of North Stradbroke Island. A family man through and through, enjoying quality time with wife Jen and their kids, Tara, Ryan and Cory is Steve’s Zen. You never know, one day the kids may be the next generation of Heisig Constructions!