Cheri Heisig

Business Owner, Business Operations Consultant

Cheri has a business degree from the University of Queensland (Property Studies major). Having passionately driven the business for the past two decades, Cheri’s pride in Heisig Constructions still has her heavily involved externally, with the day-to-day direction of the company, working from home to allow time with her two children, Bodhi and Pixie. Whilst previously at the helm of Heisig Constructions office management, she evolved a series of management systems which are today ensuring Heisig Constructions is a market leader in individual quality homes. Cheri is a very talented businesswoman and driven leader. Industry respect has been recognised through the success of the business to date, for Cheri’s contribution to housing.

Marcus and Cheri, having worked side by side in the business, now together share the overwhelming joy of their two children. Cheri’s love of the outdoors and spending time at North Stradbroke Island sees her family experiencing the simple things nature has to offer. She can mostly be found on the shores of Flinders Beach, taking long walks through the township of Amity Point with her family, and enjoying the native wildlife, clean air and local vibe. Being part of a close family, the importance of family time for the Arber-Heisig crew ensures happy days are ahead for Cheri, Marcus and their little family unit.