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Demolish – Recycle – Rebulid


Do you live in an established area, are reluctant to move or have outgrown your home? Do you love your neighbourhood, but want a modern home to keep up with your family’s needs?

Heisig Constructions are experts in all things relating to the demolition and removal of older homes.


The demolition/removal process is not as complicated or costly as you may think. We will ensure your out-dated home is quickly, cleanly and safely removed, making way for the construction of a modern, energy efficient and individual home.

The Heisig Team will make it easy for you, from the demolition/removal of your old home, to the design and construction of your new home. Our process for Demolish – Recycle – Rebuild includes:

  • Site investigation and feasibility.
  • Demolition/removal quote compilation from Heisig Preferred Contractors – only previously contracted companies are recommended.
  • Application process and relevant fee structures researched and presented to you for approval and signatory.
  • Pre-demolition/removal meeting to ascertain any items to remain or be protected on site.
  • Lodgement of applications on your behalf.
  • Contractors insurance and licenses copied and in place – proof of competence provided to you.
  • Neighbours contacted and informed of  commencement to ensure a happy neighbourly  relationship is maintained.
  • Demolition supervision is maintained by Heisig Constructions throughout the demo/removal process to ensure all interests are protected.

Having completed numerous Demolish – Recycle – Rebuild projects per annum in the past decades, Heisig Constructions offer yet another point of difference to most builders.  Our experience in the area of demolish and construct housing ensures the smoothest of transitions between demolishing the existing residence, reusing/recycling any identified special items and replenishing your site with a new home to warmly welcome you into the future.

Our expertise in this area allows you as our client to place your confidence in us and enjoy the journey as we help you get ready for a rejuvenated lifestyle in a location you love.

Old building renovations lead to big cost blowouts and can lead to a compromise on your requirements.  New buildings come with warranties, efficient design, construction principles and fixed price construction contracts.  Why work around costly existing dilapidated and dated building bones.  You deserve to make the most of your land and increase your equity whilst enhancing your living experience.

Don’t sign up for heartache. Sign up for complete project design, quality construction and expert site management. Achieve your home, your way…

We have a rapidly growing list of Heisig Clients who have utilised this service. We happily provide names, numbers and addresses of other satisfied clients who have entrusted us with the Demolish – Recycle – Rebuild.

Demolish – Recycle – Rebuild…. It makes sense!