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Town Planning

The housing industry is amongst one of the most regulated industries in our country with strict planning constraints which need experienced attention to ensure favourable results.

Heisig Constructions are at the forefront of town planning applications and can demonstrate any number of planning success stories in many differing areas of planning considerations including small lot housing, character code and demolition control just to name a few.

When it comes to understanding the design requirements, town planning processes, reporting requirements, advertising considerations and construction costs involved in town planning affected projects and subdivisions, you can be assured that you will benefit from Heisig Constructions experience.

Our services include:

  • Fee outlines prior to commencement.
  • Town Planning Searches.
  • Town Planning Reports.
  • Lodgement of applications and information request support – All Shires.
  • Compliant advertising – assessment dependant applications.

Our involvement in the initial stages of development, such as town planning, ensures that Heisig Constructions is best aware of all facets of your development.

With our experience in numerous planning objectives and cases alike, let us assist you with the complete service:

  • Individual Compliant Design.
  • Town planning.
  • Affordability Investigations.
  • Sub-divisional Services.
  • Engineering requirements.
  • Award Winning Customer Service.
  • Professional Home Construction.

Consider Heisig Constructions today as your one stop shop for all things Town Planning related.

Subdivisional Services

Our main focus by no mistake is Custom Home Design and Construction.

Our unique subdivisional service is not something you find most builders doing. Normally the red tape and hassle is left up to you to muddle through and once the hard part is done, the builder steps in.  Not with us!  We love a challenge and will use our knowledge to work tirelessly for you to improve your land.


In addressing subdivisional services, Heisig Constructions has, over many years, developed business relationships that Heisig clients can benefit from. Many of our clients first contact us for feasibility research on new home construction, only to learn we offer more than just home design and construction. We offer support in the following areas of subdivision:

  • Council applications and lodgements.
  • Compliant signage requirements.
  • Surveying management.
  • Boundary realignments.
  • Lot creation – one lot into two/three.
  • Land estate planning including hydraulic assessments and other civil engineering development requirements.
  • Site Service Upgrades – electrical, hydraulic and minor road construction.
  • Report compilations as required by the description of the development.

Heisig Constructions offer advice in these areas to ensure delivery of the end product, a high quality individual home. These services have previously proven beneficial for a growing number of customers, ensuring peace of mind.

To learn more about how Heisig Constructions can make your future venture a feasible and profitable development for you, contact us today.